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5 Places to Find SodaStream Recipes Online

Chopping watermelon

For most people it doesn’t take long to realize that they love their SodaStream more than they love the syrups it came with.

Many love it because they enjoy sparkling water or the occasional gin and tonic, but one of the greatest things about the SodaStream is that with a little creativity, it’s easy to make your own syrup and create entirely new flavours.

If you’re a little bit less adventurous but you want to discover new SodaStream recipes and stop using the syrups your machine came with, you’ll be happy to know other people have done most of the necessary exploring for you.

Here are a few places where you can find great SodaStream recipes: [click to continue…]

Flowers in pots

Soda water, especially when flavoured with a bit of citrus tastes delicious—and it’s a great way to increase water intake. But did you know soda water has many other uses besides delicious hydration? [click to continue…]


16 Top Home Soda Making Books

Glass soda bottles

Whether you’re new to home soda making or you’ve been at it for years, there’s always a great new recipe to discover. We’ve rounded up the best books on home soda making to help you improve your soda game. Best of all, all these books are easy to find on Amazon. [click to continue…]

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Dead bird that ate plastic

The world has a huge plastic problem. While it literally destroys our beautiful planet, we keep producing more and more of it. As consumers, few of us stop to think about the implications of our day-to-day plastic purchases. But we really should.

Besides the tremendous damage that extracting oil for plastic causes, a huge amount of our plastic ends up in the ocean. In fact, there is so much ocean plastic it created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Ocean plastic contaminates our water, and destroys plant and animal life. What’s more, it’s not going away on it’s own. Most plastic takes hundreds of years before it biodegrades on it’s naturally. In the meantime, we just keep adding more and more to the pile.

Those of us who do try to recycling and reduce our plastic consumption can only do much. As one person, we have a very limited impact. That’s why it’s so important that industry take a leading role in this endeavour.

Here are 7 companies that are leading the charge in solving the plastic problem. [click to continue…]


Is Soda Really Bad For You?

Cans and glasses of Coke

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few decades, you’ve probably heard that soda is bad for you. There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard at least one person say soda is largely responsible for the obesity epidemic.

The trouble is that soda is delicious. Most people in the western half of the world developed a love of soda as children. Everybody wants to be healthier, but many people don’t want to give up their soda.

Is soda truly responsible for the obesity epidemic? Maybe not–there are certainly other factors to consider–but it certainly does cause a lot of health problems, even if you’re drinking diet soda.

Ready to be disturbed? Let’s take a look at what commercial soda is doing to your body: [click to continue…]


5 Ways to Hack Your SodaStream Machine

Glass of champagne

A SodaStream is a great investment for anyone who loves soda or sparkling water but hates the amount of plastic bottles they end up purchasing and throwing in the recycling—not to mention the hassle of carrying all that liquid home from the nearest grocery store.

One of the greatest things about the SodaStream is the number of different ways you can experiment with it. It really does allow your creativity to flourish in the kitchen.

Whether you’re eager to learn how you can break away from the SodaStream mixes, make yourself more “adult” drinks or just make it a little bit cheaper to use your SodaStream, you can find a great way to hack your SodaStream and enjoy it even more.

Here are five great hacks you can use for your SodaStream: [click to continue…]


Does the SodaStream Save You Money?

Bills of money

Have you heard of the SodaStream machine? It’s a home carbonation machine that’s currently taking the world by storm, growing more popular as people come to realize how bad commercial soda is for them—and the environment. The SodaStream machine allows consumers to make healthier soda and stop throwing out all those plastic bottles and cans.

The SodaStream machine may drastically reduce your impact on the environment, but does the SodaStream save money?

Well, that depends on what you’re drinking—and what you have been drinking. Let’s take a look at the facts: [click to continue…]

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Snow cones

You love your SodaStream machine, but you’d really like a good alternative to the SodaStream syrups that isn’t as much work as making your own syrups from scratch. Making syrup might not be the most difficult thing in the world, but when your schedule fills up it’s one of the first things you’ll stop doing.

Snow cone syrup is one of the best alternatives to SodaStream syrups. It comes in many different flavors, including commercial soda flavors, and when bought in bulk it’s far more cost effective. You can probably also find a retailer closer to you than Israel, so you’ll be reducing your impact on the environment while you’re saving money.

Before you run off to Google the best shops for snow cone syrup, there are a few things you need to know about using snow cone syrup to make soda. [click to continue…]


The 10 Best SodaStream Flavors

Lime in sparkling water

There are many different SodaStream flavors to choose from. Some are better than others, and some aren’t really worth exploring at all.

Here are the 10 most popular flavors to get you started on your SodaStream journey: [click to continue…]


SodaStream’s Daniel Birnbaum

Daniel Birnbaum

One of the most important things about any company is their CEO. This is particularly important for an old company trying to become popular with a new crowd.

In his seven years as CEO for SodaStream,  Daniel Birnbaum has propelled the company forward and helped it grow an international presence.

So who is Daniel Birnbaum? [click to continue…]