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SodaStream Fizz Starter Kit Review

SodaStream Fizz

Pros: The biggest advantage the SodaStream Fizz has over other SodaStream machines is that it has a meter which shows how fizzy your drink is. It also shows how much carbonation is left in your CO2 tank at any given moment.

Cons: The only real disadvantage of the SodaStream Fizz is that it’s noticeably more expensive than some other SodaStream models. [continue reading…]


How a SodaStream Can Help Your Small Business

Bar stools

A SodaStream is a great investment for families who loves soda. It’s an even better investment for the small business owner whose clientele loves soda.

Whether you run an office and want to give your employees access to sparkling water without paying a fortune to keep the fridge stocked or you run a small cafe, restaurant or bar, a SodaStream machine can completely revolutionize your business.

A SodaStream machine won’t allow you to stop buying commercial soda—it’s difficult to exactly replicate the taste and many customers will be fond of a specific soda—but it has many other benefits that can help your business flourish. [continue reading…]

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Where to Get SodaStream Refills (And How to Save Money, Too!)

SodaStream CO2 canister

Depending on which SodaStream machine you have and which canister it came with, you can make somewhere between 60 and 110 litres of soda before the time comes to grab a refill. That’s the equivalent of 170 – 310 aluminium cans! Although SodaStream CO2 canisters can make a lot of soda before running, sadly, they  won’t last forever.

If you’ve already had your SodaStream for a while and you’re almost out of CO2—or you’ve managed to run out completely—it’s time to get a refill! [continue reading…]


The Fascinating History of SodaStream

Old soda bottles

Lately there’s been a lot of buzz about the sleek new home carbonation machines SodaStream has come out with, but how much do you really know about SodaStream?

Odds are you know that it’s an easy, cost-effective way to make soda at home. You’ve probably even heard that SodaStream drinks are a healthier alternative to commercial sodas and that making your own flavors is pretty simple.

But what do you actually know about the SodaStream machine you’re thinking about buying?

It turns out that the SodaStream machine actually has a pretty long history and in some countries—particularly in Sweden—these machines have been popular for decades. Almost 20% of all Swedish homes have a SodaStream machine.

Knowing the history of your SodaStream machine won’t impact how well it works or make it easier to use, but it’s a story worth knowing. [continue reading…]


How to Clean a SodaStream Machine Including the Bottles

Soap bubble

Your brand new SodaStream machine just arrived and you’re getting ready to make your first homemade soda. You’re excited to start saving money and maintain your soda addiction without producing any more waste.

Before you start making your own soda, stop and make sure you know how to take proper care of your SodaStream machine. These machines are pretty durable but anything can break down. The bottles should also be cleaned properly on a regular basis to make sure you don’t end up mixing flavors by accident. [continue reading…]


SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter for SodaStream Review


If you’ve purchased a SodaStream machine and you have a serious soda habit, you’ve probably realized that getting a new CO2 tank is pretty expensive. SodaStream machines are designed to work with CO2 tanks specially designed by SodaStream. There are a couple of SodaStream machines that use larger CO2 tanks capable of carbonating 130 liters of water, but most use small tanks designed to carbonate 60 liters of water.

Once you’ve run out of CO2, you’ll need to exchange your canister with SodaStream and pay for a refill—which is generally significantly more expensive than it needs to be. Unfortunately, the seal on these canisters is designed so that other stores and companies can’t refill them.
[continue reading…]

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The Rise of Homemade Soda

Glass of homemade soda.

By now you’ve probably heard about the SodaStream, a homemade carbonation machine that allows you to make your own sparkling water and soda with ease. You might even know something of its history.

The original home carbonation machine was created by Guy Hugh Gilbey of W & A Gilbey Ltd. in 1903. He wanted create a carbonated drink to serve his guests with their gin. The machine was pretty massive and expensive, and these home carbonation units were only installed in the richest homes for many years.

The first home carbonation system small and inexpensive enough to be installed in regular homes was created in 1955. They became extremely popular in the 70’s and 80’s before falling out of the limelight for a couple decades. [continue reading…]


How to Carbonate Water

Glass of carbonated water

These days sparkling water is all the rage. Nobody wants to drink a plain bottle of water anymore. They might decide to mix it up by adding flavor, but many people will opt for a bottle of sparkling water instead—often served with a slice of lemon to give it a hint of flavor.

But carbonated water is expensive. In fact, premium carbonated water can cost over $5 a litre. Many people just don’t have room in their budget to drink it regularly.

If you want to drink carbonated water regularly without spending a fortune—not to mention dragging those heavy bottles back with you from the grocery store all the time—you’ll want to make it yourself. [continue reading…]


Why Plastic Bottles are Unhealthy

Net full of plastic bottles

It seems these days that pretty much everything is bad for you—at least, everything you enjoyed when you were a kid. All the time, doctors and scientists are discovering new health complications related to products humans have been using for years, decades or even centuries.

Unfortunately the recent news about how many of the things we enjoy are actually bad for us isn’t all propaganda. It isn’t even mostly propaganda. Most of those things are actually bad for you. The amount of damage they can cause varies widely, but it’s very real. [continue reading…]


SodaStream Pure Home Soda Maker Review

Pros: The SodaStream Pure is sleek, will fit in any size kitchen, and is incredibly easy to use. Just push the button on top and it will carbonate water for you.

Cons: Unlike some SodaStream models, the SodaStream Pure doesn’t have an automatic mechanism that locks bottles into place, so you have to screw them in yourself. This is pretty simple, but make sure you do it right every time or you might find your kitchen covered in sparkling water. [continue reading…]


This is What Plastic Bottles Do to the Environment

Pile of discarded plastic bottles

Odds are you’ve known that plastic, especially when mass produced and distributed worldwide, isn’t good for the environment. Many of the environmental dangers of plastic have already been known for years. On top of that, in the last several years scientists have done a number of studies on the effects plastic has on your health, and while the results vary widely, none of them point to good things.

In fact, new studies about potential hazards caused by plastics are going on all the time. We may still be discovering new dangers caused by plastics for years to come.

While we don’t know everything plastic does—and we can’t be sure what it will do to the planet over the next hundred or two hundred years—we do know that it’s terrible for the environment and not much better for us.

In other words, what we do know is that we need to minimize our use of plastic and even stop using it altogether if possible.

Wondering how bad it really is? Keep reading to discover the damage caused by just one form of plastic: the plastic bottles you buy your favourite soda in. [continue reading…]


How To Get Your Kids to Stop Drinking Commercial Soda

Kid drinking can of soda

Every time you go to the grocery store you have the same conversation—your kids want to take home one, two, three or more bottles of pop. They love the stuff!

Does this sound familiar?

The problem is, commercial soda is full of sugar and chemicals that are awful for your children. Trust me,  you don’t want them to drink commercial pop—at least not very much of it.

This problem is worse if you like to drink pop. They’re likely always after you to find out why you’re allowed to have so much more of it than they are.

The best way to get your kids away from commercial soda without starting a terrible fight is to purchase a SodaStream and get your kids into homemade soda instead. [continue reading…]

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How Mixologists Use SodaStream

Cocktails made with soda

In case you haven’t heard, the SodaStream is a machine that allows you to easily create your own soda at home. It’s actually been around since the 70’s and was extremely popular during the 80’s.

Since then the company has come out with a dozen new models of their SodaStream machine, all much sleeker than the one teenagers in the 80’s were drooling over. These machines also come with a number of different features and each one has a slightly different design.

Now that the health risks associated with frequently drinking commercial soda are common knowledge and obesity is an epidemic, SodaStream machines are once again rising in popularity. After all, SodaStream drink mixes are healthier than commercial sodas, and they’ve recently come out with even healthier options to help you kick that Coca Cola addiction.

SodaStream machines have also gone from being a teenager’s dream to a home device adults of all walks of life have come to enjoy. As they grow in popularity, people are experimenting, using the SodaStream to create all kinds of drinks the makers never originally had in mind.

Of particular interest is the rising popularity of these machines with mixologists. Whether their focus is enjoying a great cocktail at home or to introduce a specialty soda to your bar. [continue reading…]


The 18 Best Sodastream Recipes

Glass of soda next to ingredients on a cutting board

SodaStreams carry a ton of benefits. They limit the use of harmful plastic bottles, they’re more convenient than running to the store, and using a SodaStream can save a lot of money.

But one of the best benefits is the versatility they provide when it comes to flavors. They allows to get creative and make unique recipes that not only taste better, but in most cases are healthier, too.
[continue reading…]


SodaStream Dynamo Deluxe Review

SodaStream Dynamo

Pros: The Dynamo Deluxe is designed for a true soda fanatic, which means it comes with a larger CO2 canister, capable of carbonating around 130L of water. It also has a button on the top near the center, making it easier to use than some versions which use a lever.

Cons: Some people find the bottle locking mechanism in this SodaStream machine difficult to use.
[continue reading…]

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10 Reasons to Buy a Sodastream

SodaStream machines

SodaStream machines are home carbonation machines that allow you to make your own sparkling water and other soft drinks in the comfort of your own home.

If the original concept doesn’t seem cool enough to catch your interest, here are ten reasons to purchase a SodaStream machine today: [continue reading…]


Why You Should Buy a SodaStream for Your College Kid

Open book and glass of water

The time has come. Your child is all grown up and getting ready to go to college. They’ve already gotten their acceptance letter and they’re preparing to move out and become adults.

Like any concerned parent you want to make sure that your kid is fully prepared to live on their own. You’re also well aware of how much it costs to move out, which means you want to buy them a few things that will make their journey through college a little easier.

So what should you get for your kid to ease their transition into college?

There are dozens of items which can make your college student’s life easier and more enjoyable, but one great option—one they probably won’t put in their budget themselves—is a SodaStream machine.

Here four reasons why you should buy a SodaStream machine for your college kid: [continue reading…]


How to Make Your Own Soda

Glass of soda and ingredients

If you’re all about saving the planet, reducing your waste and trying new things, it might just be time to consider making your own soda. You can do this a couple of ways—from scratch or using a SodaStream machine. [continue reading…]

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SodaStream Revolution Review

SodaStream Revoution

Pros: Fully automatic, the SodaStream Revolution comes with a number of different settings so you have complete control over how fizzy your drinks are. It’s quieter than many other SodaStream models and also comes with a feature that automatically locks your bottle into place. [continue reading…]

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