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The 18 Best Sodastream Recipes

Glass of soda next to ingredients on a cutting board

SodaStreams carry a ton of benefits. They limit the use of harmful plastic bottles, they’re more convenient than running to the store, and using a SodaStream can save a lot of money.

But one of the best benefits is the versatility they provide when it comes to flavors. They allows to get creative and make unique recipes that not only taste better, but in most cases are healthier, too.

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We’ve scoured the Internet and rounded up the 18 best SodaStream recipes around.

1. Ginger Ale Recipe
This recipe will make some of the best ginger ale you’ve ever tasted.

2. Cola Recipe
Not too fond of your SodaStream cola syrup? Try this recipe instead.

3. Cherry Limeade Soda Recipe
One of the many unusual (but delicious) flavors you can make for your SodaStream machine.

4. Root Beer Recipe
Want to enjoy some homemade root beer? This is the recipe for you.

5. Fruity Banana Soda Recipe
Perfect for anyone who loves all things banana flavored.

6. Vanilla and Earl Grey Italian Cream Soda Recipe
If you like London Fogs you’ll definitely love this flavor combination.

7. Concord Grape and Lemon Soda Recipe
Perfect for anyone who wants a really fruity treat.

8. Lemon Lime Soda Recipe
Can’t get enough of that citrus taste? This recipe is perfect for you.

9. Strawberry Soda Recipe
Everybody loves strawberries. Now you can enjoy their flavor in your soda.

10. Blood Orange Syrup Recipe
If you think blood oranges are fantastic, you’ll think this recipe is fantastic too.

11. Cranberry Soda Recipe
The perfect recipe if you’ve always thought cranberry juice could use a little extra kick.

12. Peach Thyme SyrupRecipe
A great mix of fruity and herbal flavors.

13. Pink Rhubarb Soda Recipe
Anyone who loves Rhubarb will love this recipe.

14. Diet Cola Recipe
This syrup is the closest to diet Coke you’re likely to find.

15. Spicy Cola Recipe
Have you always wanted soda with an extra kick? Try this recipe.

16. Orange Cream Soda Recipe
A fantastic twist on the traditional cream soda you know and love.

17. Chocolate Phosphate Soda Recipe
What’s better than chocolate? Chocolate soda!

18. Fizzy Lemonade Recipe
Want lemonade without any extra flavors? Try this recipe.

Looking for even more great recipes? Check out our list of the top soda recipe books.

Don’t have a SodaStream machine yet? Use our comparison guide to choose the right model for you.

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  • Barb Forsyth-Bowley

    I am leaving SodaStream because their new diet tonic is no longer acceptable. Do you have a recipe for diet tonic? I realize the quinine could be problematic.

    • Julie

      Hey Barb, I don’t know a good diet recipe, but you could always substitute stevia simple syrup for the usual sugar-based version. Here’s a tonic syrup recipe I recommend, and here’s a recipe for stevia simple syrup.

      • Storm

        Thank you for gathering all these flavour syrup recipes, and especially for the stevia simple syrup link. While I don’t have a SodaStream (yet), I’ve been looking for ideas for proper flavoured waters without sucralose (or other artificial sweeteners).

  • Remy Lapointe

    Hi !

    I am wondering if there is a drink mix or home recipe for a RELAXATION instead of «energy» using natural herbs extracts. Thx !

  • Sharon

    Where can I find just lemon flavor for my sodastream or a recipe for it.

  • Javamanny

    Hi Julie. Sorry to elbow my way into your forum but wanted to share something that’s working for me.

    I was looking for something to add to sodastream to help me wean off not so healthy things like Diet Coke. And I found it: Ruby Red Grapefruit juice. I put about a shot glass worth in a pint of soda and ice. Tastes great, sweet with some bite, lo-cal, no artificial sweeteners, easy to buy, easy to make. Kind of like a healthier Fresca. And when 6 o’clock rolls around I can add a little vodka – even Smirnoff Ruby Red flavored – for a refreshing mixed drink.

    • Julie

      Great idea! I’ll definitely have to try it.

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