SodaStream Flavors

For most people it doesn’t take long to realize that they love their SodaStream more than they love the syrups it came with. Many love it because they enjoy sparkling water or the occasional gin and tonic, but one of the greatest things about the SodaStream is that with a little creativity, it’s easy to [...]

16 Top Home Soda Making Books

Whether you’re new to home soda making or you’ve been at it for years, there’s always a great new recipe to discover. We’ve rounded up the best books on home soda making to help you improve your soda game. Best of all, all these books are easy to find on Amazon. 1. Bootleg Soda: A Smart [...]

You love your SodaStream machine, but you’d really like a good alternative to the SodaStream syrups that isn’t as much work as making your own syrups from scratch. Making syrup might not be the most difficult thing in the world, but when your schedule fills up it’s one of the first things you’ll stop doing. [...]

The 10 Best SodaStream Flavors

There are many different SodaStream flavors to choose from. Some are better than others, and some aren’t really worth exploring at all. Here are the 10 most popular flavors to get you started on your SodaStream journey: 1. SodaStream Pink Grapefruit Flavored Concentrate SodaStream’s pink grapefruit flavor is a twist on a virgin mimosa. If you’re [...]

Your new SodaStream machine is perhaps—in your opinion, at least—the best thing you’ve ever bought for your home. You’ve started making your own syrups and you’re enjoying them quite a bit. Slowly but surely everyone in your family has come around to the SodaStream, especially now that you’ve started experimenting with different flavours. But what [...]

How Mixologists Use SodaStream

In case you haven’t heard, the SodaStream is a machine that allows you to easily create your own soda at home. It’s actually been around since the 70’s and was extremely popular during the 80’s. Since then the company has come out with a dozen new models of their SodaStream machine, all much sleeker than [...]

SodaStreams carry a ton of benefits. They limit the use of harmful plastic bottles, they’re more convenient than running to the store, and using a SodaStream can save a lot of money. But one of the best benefits is the versatility they provide when it comes to flavors. They allows to get creative and make [...]