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How To Get Your Kids to Stop Drinking Commercial Soda

Kid drinking can of soda

Every time you go to the grocery store you have the same conversation—your kids want to take home one, two, three or more bottles of pop. They love the stuff!

Does this sound familiar?

The problem is, commercial soda is full of sugar and chemicals that are awful for your children. Trust me,  you don’t want them to drink commercial pop—at least not very much of it.

This problem is worse if you like to drink pop. They’re likely always after you to find out why you’re allowed to have so much more of it than they are.

The best way to get your kids away from commercial soda without starting a terrible fight is to purchase a SodaStream and get your kids into homemade soda instead.

Why Homemade Soda?

Homemade soda is almost always healthier for you than commercial sodas. When you buy SodaStream drink mixes you’ll notice that they have less sugar and sodium than most commercial sodas.

When you make the flavoring syrup yourself you have complete control over what goes in your soda. That means you can make it as healthy or as sugary as you want.

Making your own soda at home also means you won’t have to carry several heavy litres of pop home ever again—and that you won’t have a mountain of plastic bottles in the recycling every week.

How Do You Get Kids to Love Homemade Soda?

Getting your children to love the healthier option isn’t always easy. While some kids are naturally more attracted to healthy foods and rarely ask for dessert, most would much prefer to stuff their face full of tasty junk food all the time.

So how do you get your kids to enjoy a healthier homemade soda?

Kids always enjoy things more when they’re part of the process. Teaching your children to cook is a great way to get them to enjoy good food. It’s the same with making soda.

Let your kids watch the first couple times you make soda with your SodaStream. If you’ve decided to make your own homemade syrup, you can get them to watch the syrup making process too. Let them know that with this machine, you can make any flavor of soda—anything they can imagine, as long as they ask for it in advance.

The SodaStream machine is great because it’s completely safe for children of almost any age. As long as there’s flavored syrup available or a powdered drink mix, they can make themselves a deliciously carbonated beverage at any time.

Making your own homemade syrups is also pretty simple, so if your children are a little older you can get them involved in that process too. Once they’re teenagers they’ll be fully prepared to make their own homemade soda in whatever flavor they desire. And they’ll probably love it more than the commercial options they see in grocery stores.

5 Quick Tips

  1. Most SodaStream mixes taste noticeably different from brand name colas, so you might want to look up your own recipes.
  2. Start getting your kids into SodaStream by making your own version of their favourite pop first.
  3. If you drink a lot of pop and your kids love it, buy an adapter so you can use a paintball tank—paintball CO2 is cheaper than the refills you purchase from SodaStream.
  4. You can use snow cone syrup instead of regular SodaStream drink mixes to save even more money.
  5. Buy a couple extra bottles so you can always have everybody’s favourite pop on hand.


There are many reasons to switch from commercial soda to making your own soda with a SodaStream machine. Your kids might be reluctant to break away from the brand they love most at first, but once they discover how many flavor options are available with the SodaStream—and how much less you argue with them about drinking homemade soda—they’ll start to love homemade soda.

Don’t forget that the SodaStream machine can be used for more than just your kids. Find out in advance what guests like and make them custom pops. Enjoy a fresh glass of sparkling water or a fancy summer cocktail. The SodaStream is a great way to save money, reduce your impact on the environment and bring your family together. It’s time to switch to homemade soda.

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