Hamilton Beach Fizzini Review

Pros: The Hamilton Beach Fizzini is a handheld home carbonation system, making it one of the most portable soda makers available. It is also easy to use.

Cons: The Hamilton Beach Fizzini only provides moderate fizz and drinks only stay fizzy for a few hours.

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What Is the Hamilton Beach Fizzini?

The Hamilton Beach Fizzini is a handheld home soda maker. It uses single-serve CO2 canisters to carbonate water in a 1L bottle. It features a specialized charging lid and a separate lid so you can seal drinks after making them.

You do not need electricity or batteries of any kind to operate the Hamilton Beach Fizzini, making it perfect for the road or-as the name suggests-the beach.

In-Depth Hamilton Beach Fizzini Review

The Hamilton Beach Fizzini is an affordable and highly portable home carbonation machine. It consists of a 1L bottle, a specialized charging cap with a futuristic look, and a syrup measuring spoon. When you buy it new you’ll also get a starter pack of 10 CO2 cartridges.

The Hamilton Beach Fizzini is also very easy to use. The charging cap has a special slot you can slide CO2 canisters into and two safety valves. All you have to do is slide your cartridge into place, turn the carbonation dial to max, and shake the bottle for 20 seconds. Push on the pressure valve briefly (if you hold it down liquid will spray everywhere), and voila, you have a bottle of soda water!

Another great thing about the Hamilton Beach Fizzini is that it doesn’t require proprietary CO2 canisters, so you can buy them in bulk from Amazon for around $0.30-0.40 each. Canisters are fully recyclable.

Unfortunately, the soda water produced by the Hamilton Beach Fizzini only achieve medium fizz, so if you like your beverages highly carbonated this probably isn’t the best option for you. Soda water created with the Hamilton Beach Fizzini also doesn’t retain its fizz for more than a few hours, even with the bottle properly sealed.

Hamilton Beach Fizzini Features

  • Compact, Portable Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Compatible With Any CO2 Cartridge

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Overall Thoughts On The Hamilton Beach Fizzini

The Hamilton Beach Fizzini is quite affordable and does allow you to make soda anywhere with ease, but you’re still probably better off considering other options.

If you’re dead set on a handheld home carbonation machine, you can get a Purefizz Soda Maker for around $20-30 more, and it will provide excellent carbonation that lasts multiple days when stored properly. If you’re only going to use the machine at home and you’re mostly concerned about your environmental impact, consider a SodaStream model that uses larger CO2 canisters so you aren’t recycling as much(you can even get one with glass carafes so you don’t have to use plastic bottles).

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