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10 Reasons to Buy a Sodastream

SodaStream machines

SodaStream machines are home carbonation machines that allow you to make your own sparkling water and other soft drinks in the comfort of your own home.

If the original concept doesn’t seem cool enough to catch your interest, here are ten reasons to purchase a SodaStream machine today:

1. The SodaStream limits plastic bottle use.

Recycling is all well and good, but the best way to curb our environmental impact is by reducing waste first. The SodaStream comes with reusable plastic bottles (or glass, depending on the model) made with fewer chemicals than your average water bottle so you can stop throwing away all that plastic without giving up your soda habit.

2. The SodaStream opens you up to a wide range of flavors.

Are you bored of the limited range of soft drinks available in your local supermarket? Have you always wondered what pineapple soda would taste like? There are many different flavors available directly from SodaStream, and it’s easy to make your own syrups so you can make carbonated beverages in whatever flavor you like.

3. Having a SodaStream makes it easy to please everyone.

Do your friends all like different sodas? Ordinarily you would have to compromise or carry back several litres of pop from the nearest grocery store. With a SodaStream machine and a couple different bottles to mix up your soda in, it’s easy to make sure everybody’s needs are met.

4. Using a Sodastream is a fun family activity.

Since making custom syrups for the SodaStream machine is pretty simple, you can get the kids mixing up their own favorite drinks—and grandparents too. It’s also a great way to get your kids to stop drinking so much store-bought soda—or at least to stop asking for it all the time.

5. SodaStream machines can be used to make champagne.

Do you want to enjoy the bubbling sensation of Champagne without the extra cost? Are you interested in finding out what your favorite white wine would taste like with a few extra bubbles? You have to be pretty careful to do this right without damaging the machine, but a SodaStream lets you add bubbles to any white wine pretty easily.

6. SodaStream syrups have less sugar than regular soda.

OK, so they’re not as healthy as water, but they’re certainly better for you than regular commercial sodas. You’ll find that SodaStream syrups have less sugar and less sodium than their alternatives.

7. You can control the level of carbonation in a Sodastream.

Think your favorite commercial soda would be great with a little less fizz? Maybe it’s actually a little more that you’re looking for. With a SodaStream you can control the level of carbonation in your soda.

8. A SodaStream will look great in your kitchen.

SodaStream machines are small enough to fit in pretty much any kitchen and come in many different styles. Whether you live in a small apartment or on a farm, the SodaStream will fit comfortably in your home. Even better, it comes in several different colours so you can be sure to order one that will look good in your kitchen.

9. SodaStream will save you money.

Sure, when you’re talking about an individual bottle, there aren’t major savings. But if you drink a fair bit of soda on a daily basis, or you regularly host guests who enjoy soda, the SodaStream can save you a lot of money. Of course, it also saves you from having to lug around massive plastic bottles of pop.

10. SodaStream bottles are not full of toxins like most plastic.

By now you’ve probably heard something about the awful chemicals most plastic bottles are made with. These chemicals can be seriously damaging to your health in the long run. SodaStream bottles are made without the worst of these chemicals and if you’re seriously worried about your chemical intake you can purchase a model that uses a glass carafe instead of a plastic bottle.

If you love soda but have concerns about your health and the environment, the SodaStream machine is a great investment. It’s also a great way to get the entire family thinking about their health and the future our planet.

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  • Elaine Curtis

    Where can I buy a soda stream in Jamaica?

    • Julie

      Hey Elaine, I’m not too familiar with the Jamaican market. I would start by checking a big, chain department store.

  • Gretchen Jones

    Hi there, not interested in syrup as I don’t drink pop but my question is does it taste similar to a lime or lemon perrier water if you just add real lemon & lime juice? I drink a bottle a day between perrier & pelligrino & love the benefits of the carbonation without the added sugar.
    Appreciate your input as I can only find recipes with added sugar or syrups.

    • Julie

      Hey Gretchen, it does taste very similar. I find that adding my own lemon or lime juice actually has a bit more flavor than Perrier or the like. It’s similar to getting soda water from the “pop gun” at a bar or restaurant and squeezing in your own lemon or lime juice.

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