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The Rise of Homemade Soda

Glass of homemade soda.

By now you’ve probably heard about the SodaStream, a homemade carbonation machine that allows you to make your own sparkling water and soda with ease. You might even know something of its history.

The original home carbonation machine was created by Guy Hugh Gilbey of W & A Gilbey Ltd. in 1903. He wanted create a carbonated drink to serve his guests with their gin. The machine was pretty massive and expensive, and these home carbonation units were only installed in the richest homes for many years.

The first home carbonation system small and inexpensive enough to be installed in regular homes was created in 1955. They became extremely popular in the 70’s and 80’s before falling out of the limelight for a couple decades.

SodaStream Today

Daniel Birnbaum became CEO of SodaStream in 2007 and has spent the last several years bringing the company back into the spotlight.

Today’s SodaStream models are incredibly slick and designed to fit in any sized kitchen. They’re also easy to use, environmentally-friendly, and a cost effective way of enjoying healthy soda.

What’s Next for the SodaStream?

As more people start worrying about the effects of commercial soda on their health and the damage all those cans and plastic bottles are doing to the environment, more people are sure to turn to homemade soda.

There isn’t too much that could done to improve the SodaStream machines, but maybe someday soon we’ll see people installing them directly into the walls of their homes. Hopefully, in the future the SodaStream will also be able to carbonate fruit juice and other liquids that aren’t water without making a mess.

The SodaStream will likely continue to grow in popularity all over the world. While other companies are catching up and producing their own home soda makers in an attempt to compete, the SodaStream machines are the absolute best and are sure to be around for decades to come.

What About Other Homemade Soda Methods?

Homemade soda in general is sure to be on the rise as people drift away from commercial soft drinks that have a negative impact both on their health and on the environment around them.

Still, most methods of home carbonation other than the SodaStream method are fairly complicated and several can lead to messy explosions that you’ll spend weeks cleaning up. So while more people are sure to turn to different homemade soda making methods in the coming years, most of them will eventually end up purchasing a SodaStream to make the process easier.

Most people today have grown up loving soda, but we hear about how bad it is for us all the time. As people become more afraid for their health and more aware about how much damage plastic bottles are causing the environment, they’re turning away from commercial sodas by the thousands.

While many people have given up on soda altogether and that might even be the best route for you, you don’t have to stop drinking soda to reduce your impact on the environment. Whether you choose to use an old school method or you decide to be smart about it and purchase a SodaStream, you can enjoy delicious soda—and sparkling water—without using so much plastic and with fewer risks to your health.

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