SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter for SodaStream Review

If you’ve purchased a SodaStream machine and you have a serious soda habit, you’ve probably realized that getting a new CO2 tank is pretty expensive. SodaStream machines are designed to work with CO2 tanks specially designed by SodaStream. There are a couple SodaStream machines that use larger CO2 tanks capable of carbonating 130 litres of water, but most use small tanks designed to carbonate 60 litres of water.

Once you’ve run out of CO2, you’ll need to exchange your canister with SodaStream and pay for a refill—which is generally significantly more expensive than it needs to be. Unfortunately the seal on these canisters is designed so that other stores and companies can’t refill them.

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What Is The SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter?

The SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter alters your SodaStream machine so you can attach paintball CO2 canisters. These canisters come in all shapes and sizes, but the real advantage isn’t in the size—because of the way SodaStream machines are designed, the paintball canister that fits your machine won’t be much bigger than the CO2 canister you got from the company.

The real advantage of the SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter is that you can now refill your CO2 canisters anywhere that paintball canisters can be refilled, including paintball store and many sporting goods stores.

Even better, the cost of refilling a paintball canister is only $3-7, depending on the size of your chosen canister and where you refill it. With a SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter, you’ll save hundreds of dollars—and be able to enjoy homemade soda in every flavor you can think up.

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How To Use The SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter

As with any new device, you want to make sure you’re using this the right way. Luckily it’s designed to be extremely simple. All you have to do is screw it onto your new CO2 tank and then screw the adapter into place the same way you would screw a SodaStream CO2 tank into place.

Make sure your tank is the right size for your machine. You can figure out which one is the right size for your SodaStream machine by looking through the information below:

24oz CO2 Tank: Fountain Jet, Dynamo, Fizz, and Revolution

20oz CO2 Tank: Fountain Jet, Dynamo, Fizz, and Revolution

12oz CO2 Tank: Genesis, Source, Source Metal, Crystal, and Penguin

9oz CO2 Tank: Pure

Overall Thoughts On The SodaMod O2 Tank Refill Adapter

At first glance the SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter seems overpriced. After all, it’s just a piece of brass, right?

Consider for a moment what the SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter actually has to do. Every time you run out of CO2 in your SodaStream you need to be able to unscrew the tank so you can refill it. If you and your family drink two litres of sparkling water or soda every day, you’ll be changing this canister every 2-4 weeks.

This means the SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter needs to be significantly more durable than other brass adapters designed to do similar things. After all, it won’t save you any money if you have to replace it frequently.
If your main motivation behind purchasing a SodaStream machine was to save money on commercial soda, the SodaMod CO2 Tank Refill Adapter is one accessory you simply have to purchase with your SodaStream. If you continue using your SodaStream with this adapter for a few years you’ll save a small fortune.

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