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SodaSparkle Review

SodaSparkle sparkling water maker

Pros: The SodaSparkle is extremely portable and simple to use.

Cons: The SodaSparkle is almost entirely made of plastic (everything but the CO2 canisters themselves), which shortens the lifespan. This is also an issue for anyone trying to cut plastics completely out of their lives.

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What Is the SodaSparkle?

The SodaSparkle is a unique home soda maker that works more like a traditional soda siphon than other home carbonation machines.

Made almost completely out of plastic, the SodaSparkle is also more affordable than other soda makers(around $50, compared to $80+).

In-Depth SodaSparkle

The SodaSparkle is very interesting because it uses a completely different method of carbonation from most home soda makers. The only thing they have in common is their need for CO2 canisters.

Here’s how you make soda with the SodaSparkle:

  • Choose your carbonation level – They offer both a Light Sparkle and an Extra Sparkle option.
  • Fill with water – Make sure the water comes to just below the line on the bottle; when you add the siphon it will put the water up to the line.
  • Put a CO2 cartridge into the SodaSparkle head – There is a small window where you can insert the cartridge.
  • Close the bottle – You want the seal to be tight to avoid making a mess.
  • Secure the cartridge – Once the cap is on the bottle, twist the CO2 cartridge in the rest of the way. You’ll know it’s worked when you hear a puncturing sound.
  • Wait – Give your drink about 30-45 seconds and open it up to enjoy some delicious sparkling water. This is also when you can add flavoring.

The SodaSparkle doesn’t rely on batteries or electricity, and the compact size makes it ideal for cramped kitchens or road trips.

Unfortunately, the plastic design does mean this home carbonation system is more likely to break down than many of its competitors. The lid in, particular, has been known to develop issues quickly.

It should also be noted that the SodaSparkle only works with the proprietary CO2 charges, which are more expensive than the generic ones, and each CO2 cartridge only makes one bottle of sparkling water. You can get a special adaptor to use the SodaSparkle with generic cartridges.

SodaSparkle Features

  • Compact Size
  • No Electricity Required
  • Use CO2 Cartridges

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Overall Thoughts On The SodaSparkle

The SodaSparkle is a unique and effective home carbonation machine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. It doesn’t last as long as some of the competitors and uses small CO2 cartridges.

If you’re buying a soda maker for a specific road trip or you’re not sure you’ll actually use the soda maker, the SodaSparkle is a great choice because it’s both portable and affordable. On the other hand, if you drink a lot of soda at home, live with other soda drinkers, or want to invest in a machine you’ll have for a long time, you should consider a different soda maker. If you still want something highly portable you can check out the Purefizz Soda Maker.

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