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Why You Should Buy a SodaStream for Your College Kid

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The time has come. Your child is all grown up and getting ready to go to college. They’ve already gotten their acceptance letter and they’re preparing to move out and become adults.

Like any concerned parent you want to make sure that your kid is fully prepared to live on their own. You’re also well aware of how much it costs to move out, which means you want to buy them a few things that will make their journey through college a little easier.

So what should you get for your kid to ease their transition into college?

There are dozens of items which can make your college student’s life easier and more enjoyable, but one great option—one they probably won’t put in their budget themselves—is a SodaStream machine.

Here four reasons why you should buy a SodaStream machine for your college kid:

1. Help Them Stay Healthy

College kids are pretty renowned for having a poor diet because they tend to lack both time and money. College often also involves a lot of missed sleep. Most college students will turn to coffee, but if your child’s the type to drink a lot of Coca Cola, you can present the SodaStream as a healthier option.

Of course, even when they’re not trying to stay up until 4AM to finish a paper, most college students love pop. Buying them a SodaStream allows them to enjoy pop that’s a little bit—or a lot—healthier for them, depending on how they make it. It also encourages them to get creative and start making their own recipes.

2. Help Them Save Money

Saving money is even more important for a college student than it is for the average person. After all, most modern day college students are taking on a fair amount of debt in order to finish their educations. And most of the ones who have jobs are working for minimum wage or pretty close to it.

If your college kid drinks a lot of soda, a SodaStream machine is a life saver. With a couple alterations and willingness to try different syrups they can save a lot of money, especially if they’re constantly drinking brand name soda bought from the 24 hour store.

The savings get even bigger if your college kid is a social butterfly. With a SodaStream they’ll always be able to offer their guests soda or sparkling water without spending a fortune to make sure they have fizzy drinks on hand at all times.

3. The Plastic Factor

All right, maybe your college kid likes to drink sparkling water out of a glass bottle. Either way, if your kid drinks a lot of soda or sparkling water, you’ve probably noticed the mountains of plastic and glass bottles going to the curb at home.

There are at least a dozen different reasons why everybody should be making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastic they use and the amount of waste they produce. Recycling is great but it’s better not to use the plastic or glass at all—and with a SodaStream, you don’t have to.

When you think about the average college lifestyle there’s already a lot of waste. Quick, packaged foods are a college favourite. Most college work might be done on computers now, but they’re still using a fair bit of paper.

A SodaStream can significantly reduce the amount of waste your college kid is producing. They might not care so much about that as they do about the chance to save money and make soda at home, but it’s still important to reduce waste whenever possible.

4. Help Them Save Space

Most college students live in storm rooms or share houses with a bunch of roommates. This also means they’re sharing a fridge! There’s never enough fridge room to go around and filling it with pop—which takes up a lot of room—means removing food.

With a SodSstream, your college kid can create pop anytime. If they drink a lot of it, they won’t have to keep a pile of cases on hand. They’ll be able to make a new, cold batch in minutes.


It can be hard to decide what you’ll get for your college kid when they move out. If you want to buy something you know they’ll get a lot of use out of and keep for years, a SodaStream machine is one of the best options out there.

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