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SodaStream Fizz Starter Kit Review

Pros: The biggest advantage the SodaStream Fizz has over other SodaStream machines is that it has a meter which shows how fizzy your drink is. It also shows how much carbonation is left in your CO2 tank at any given moment.

Cons: The only real disadvantage of the SodaStream Fizz is that it’s noticeably more expensive than some other SodaStream models.

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What is the SodaStream Fizz?

The SodaStream Fizz Starter Kit contains everything you need to start making delicious soda at home. The SodaStream Fizz is a home carbonation machine that gives you complete control over how fizzy your next glass of soda will be. It does this with a digital display that shows how carbonated your current drink is and also how much CO2 is left in your tank.

There are several different models of SodaStream, each one designed with a different person in mind. The SodaStream Fizz is one of the newer models.

Of course, getting started on the path to making your own soda requires more than just the machine. That’s why the starter kit also comes with a CO2 canister and a couple different drink mixes so you can experiment with different soda flavours.

In-Depth SodaStream Fizz Review

There are really only two features that set the SodaStream Fizz apart from other SodaStream models: the Fizz Chip and the digital display that shows how carbonated each drink is.

One of the main issues people had with older SodaStream models is that they never knew how fizzy each drink would be. Eventually people learned to develop a system–push the button X number of times for extreme fizz–but it still wasn’t an exact science.

The Fizz Chip shows how fizzy your drink is and gives you an idea how much CO2 is left in your canister at any given moment. Occasionally the Fizz Chip will break down and you might need to replace it, but they’re fairly simple to replace and incredibly useful.

SodaStream Fizz Features

  • Multiple Colours
  • Monitor Fizz Strength
  • Monitor CO2 In Canister

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Overall Thoughts On The SodaStream Fizz

The SodaStream Fizz is the ideal model for anyone who wants complete control over their homemade soda. While any SodaStream machine will allow you to create delicious soda at home with little more than the push of a button, the SodaStream Fizz gives you absolute control over the amount of carbonation in your soda.

Choosing a Starter Kit makes it easy for you to experiment with different flavours and to decide which ones you like.

Don’t hesitate any longer. It’s time to take control of your soda habit with a SodaStream Fizz Starter Kit.

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