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How Mixologists Use SodaStream

Cocktails made with soda

In case you haven’t heard, the SodaStream is a machine that allows you to easily create your own soda at home. It’s actually been around since the 70’s and was extremely popular during the 80’s.

Since then the company has come out with a dozen new models of their SodaStream machine, all much sleeker than the one teenagers in the 80’s were drooling over. These machines also come with a number of different features and each one has a slightly different design.

Now that the health risks associated with frequently drinking commercial soda are common knowledge and obesity is an epidemic, SodaStream machines are once again rising in popularity. After all, SodaStream drink mixes are healthier than commercial sodas, and they’ve recently come out with even healthier options to help you kick that Coca Cola addiction.

SodaStream machines have also gone from being a teenager’s dream to a home device adults of all walks of life have come to enjoy. As they grow in popularity, people are experimenting, using the SodaStream to create all kinds of drinks the makers never originally had in mind.

Of particular interest is the rising popularity of these machines with mixologists. Whether their focus is enjoying a great cocktail at home or to introduce a specialty soda to your bar.

How Are Mixologists Using The SodaStream Machine?

Once you’ve purchased a SodaStream machine and done some poking around on the internet you’ll notice that you now have easy access to an almost limitless variety of carbonated beverages. But mixologists aren’t just happy about the number of flavor options provided by the SodaStream. They’re also extremely happy that they’ll never run out of soda water again, a key component in many cocktails such as the classic Mojito.

Would you rather have a bottle of your favourite white wine than a bottle of champagne? Well now you can actually transform that wine into champagne. In other words, you can have some classy bubbly for the price of a normal wine bottle—and even use a wine you like better. See this done here below with one of the clunky old models from the 80’s. It will be messier if you’re using one of the newer models, but it’s still pretty easy to do.

You can also experiment by putting other liquids in the SodaStream. Stick to juices you make yourself instead of commercial juices—the extreme amount of sugar in commercial juices can damage your SodaStream machine—and be careful. The manufacturers are very clear this product is made only for water, but you should be okay as long as you’re prepared to clean and be careful about what you use. Here are some great ideas for getting started.

All of this may semm really impressive, but it’s actually just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of alcoholic drinks you can make with a SodaStream to enjoy some adult fun.


You may have purchased a SodaStream machine because you want to stop your kids from drinking commercial pop, but your SodaStream shouldn’t be something just for the kids to enjoy. Even when you’re purchasing syrups directly from the SodaStream store you have dozens of options. When you start making your own, or figuring out what to mix your soda water with, you’ll find there are actually hundreds of options.

The great thing about the SodaStream machine is that it allows you to become a home mixologist. You no longer need to be bound by the commercial drinks you find at the supermarket or the liquor store. The only limit is your own creativity.

Even better, when you have a SodaStream machine you’ll never have to pay a ridiculous price for your favourite cocktail. You might even end up creating an entirely new cocktail and end up becoming a famous mixologist yourself.

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