SodaStream Fountain Jet Review

Pros: The SodaStream Fountain Jet home soda maker is one of SodaStream’s simplest machines, which means it’s also one of the most affordable.

Cons: The SodaStream Fountain Jet doesn’t come with any special features. Most notably, it doesn’t have an automatic locking mechanism for bottles so you will have to screw your bottles into place by hand.

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What Is the SodaStream Fountain Jet?

The SodaStream Fountain Jet is a lightweight and compact home carbonation machine. With the SodaStream Fountain Jet machine you only need to press a single button to make sparkling water or the soda of your choice. It uses no batteries or electricity, making it easy to transport and use anywhere you can imagine wanting soda.

One of SodaStream’s older models, the SodaStream Fountain Jet is incredibly simple and affordable, using BPA-free plastic bottles instead of glass carafes to keep the cost down.

In-Depth SodaStream Fountain Jet

Like other SodaStream machines, the SodaStream Fountain Jet is a sleek machine that makes it easy for you to create any type of soda you can imagine with the push of a button.

Unlike other SodaStream machines, it isn’t the extra features that make this machine stand out—it’s the lack of them. The SodaStream Fountain Jet is incredibly simple, with a single button for soda making, no LED indicators, and no extra settings.

Instead of having extra features, this machine lures customers in with its delightfully low price – the machine is typically sold for around $80-100, making it an excellent investment. The SodaStream Fountain Jet is also highly effective and features a full-size carbonator, allowing you to make up to 60Ls of carbonated water or soda with every refill.

The one big complaint people have about the SodaStream Fountain Jet – and most older SodaStream models – is that it doesn’t come with an automatic locking mechanism for the bottle, forcing you to screw bottles in by hand. If you’re not careful when screwing the bottles in this can lead to a rather large mess, so if you choose the Fountain Jet over other SodaStream models remember to be careful setting up.

SodaStream Fountain Jet Features

  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible With Multiple Bottle Sizes

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Overall Thoughts On The SodaStream Fountain Jet

f you don’t want to spend a lot of money or you’re not sure how often you’ll actually use a SodaStream machine, the SodaStream Fountain Jet is an excellent option. It is extremely simple to use, quite affordable, and produces the same quality of sparkling water or soda as any other SodaStream machine(even better than other low-end models).

On the other hand, if you already know you’ll use the machine a lot, you want access to extra features like customized carbonation, or you want a machine that uses glass carafes instead of BPA-free plastic bottles, you may want to look into one of the higher end SodaStream machines.

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  • SkipDogg Sep 13, 2017, 5:32 pm

    One way to make sure you don’t lose the handle on the bottle is to turn the whole Fountain Jet unit about a quarter turn before fizzing, then revolve it back in front of you, apply fizz, and then back a quarter turn to remove the bottle. Works much better because it compensates for the angle of your hand/wrist.

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