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SodaStream Genesis Review

Pros: The SodaStream Genesis is one of the most attractive SodaStream machines, featuring a sleek design small enough to fit in virtually any kitchen. It is also one of the more affordable SodaStream machines.
Cons: The biggest drawback of the SodaStream Genesis is the lack of an automatic locking mechanism for bottles, forcing you to screw the bottles in yourself. It also uses BPA-free plastic bottles instead of glass carafes, which may be an issue for some people.

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What Is the SodaStream Genesis?

The SodaStream Genesis is an extremely compact home carbonation machine. It uses no batteries and no electricity, making it perfect for boats or RVs. You can use the Genesis to make sparkling water or any type of pop by pushing a single button.

Like most SodaStream machines the Genesis uses reusable and BPA-free plastic bottles. It is also one of the older SodaStream models, so you can often find it used for an excellent price.

In-Depth SodaStream Genesis Review

The SodaStream Genesis is an incredibly simple machine, allowing you to make all types of soda within a few minutes by pressing a single button. It doesn’t need electricity or batteries to work and it is easily portable.

What makes the SodaStream Genesis stand out from other SodaStream machines is its sleek modern look and small size. You can get the SodaStream Genesis in red or black and fit it onto almost any countertop. It’s also lighter than some of the other SodaStream machines, making it easy to transport.

The only real issue with the Genesis is that it doesn’t come with an automatic locking machine. Screwing the bottle into place by hand isn’t difficult but it’s important to do this carefully to avoid spillage.

It also uses BPA-free plastic bottles designed to be reused for three years. You can get these bottles in 500ML or 1L sizes(most starter kits come with a 1L bottle).

SodaStream Genesis Features

  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible With Multiple Bottle Sizes

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Overall Thoughts On The SodaStream Genesis

The SodaStream Genesis is just as reliable as any other SodaStream machine and is a great tool for reducing the amount of plastic going through your house. If you don’t care for extra features and you want the best deal possible, the Genesis is your best bet. It’s also an excellent option for a first home soda maker if you’re not sure how much you’ll use it.

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