Why a SodaStream is Perfect for Large Families

The SodaStream machine is a great investment for anyone who loves soda but wants to wean themselves off of unhealthy commercial options or stop using so many plastic bottles. But it’s an even better investment for a big family.

Here are four reasons why a SodaStream machine is a great investment for a large family:

1. Improve Your Family’s Health

SodaStream syrups are designed to be healthier than most commercial sodas. Water might always be healthier, but these syrups can still ease the guilt you feel when drinking commercial soda.

You can also make your own flavoring syrups fairly easily, which gives you complete control over what goes into soda. This is usually the healthiest option.

When everybody in your family wants to do different things and has different taste it can be hard to find something healthy that everybody agrees on. With a SodaStream machine your soda flavor options are almost limitless—so everybody can make sure their favourite soda is on hand!

2. Save Your Family Money

A single person would have to drink quite a bit of soda to save enough to make back the money spent on their SodaStream machine. But if you have a big family that likes soda, your SodaStream machine will save you a lot of family in a short period of time. This is especially true if you and your kids like to have guests over frequently.

Buying pop for an entire family can be really expensive. If you all like different flavors and a couple of you drink a lot of pop, it can cost a small fortune in the long run.

A SodaStream is an affordable alternative to commercial sodas. Depending on the model you purchase, your CO2 tank can carbonate up to 160 litres of water. If you purchase an adapter and use a paintball CO2 tank instead your savings will grow even more because a paintball tank is much cheaper than a new CO2 tank.

3. Cut Out Plastic From Your Home

You might not be on a mission to completely eliminate your waste, but everybody knows we need to change our lifestyles in order to have a sustainable society. One of the best ways to do that is by minimizing the amount of plastic that passes through your home.

When you purchase a SodaStream you can choose a model that comes with BPA free plastic bottles or you can go with a model that uses glass carafes. Either way, you’ll be seriously reducing the amount of plastic that goes through your home.

Plastic isn’t just bad for the environment either. Chemicals used in most plastic bottles have been linked to serious health problems. These same chemicals are used in many plastic food containers, which means you should be doing everything in your power to minimize the amount of plastic used in your day-to-day life.

A SodaStream machine is a great first step towards cutting plastic out of your life.

4. Bring the Family Together

Making your own flavoring syrups so you can create completely unique soda is pretty simple. It’s a great activity to get the entire family into. You can also start making unique syrups for everybody in the family so everybody has their favourite soda around all the time.

Get your kids involved by asking them what flavors they’d love to try as soda. Start experimenting with different recipes and get your kids to join in.

You can even use the SodaStream to get your kids into the kitchen. Making their own flavoring syrup is a great first step towards becoming self-sufficient in the kitchen—and cooking is one of the most important life skills you can teach your children.

Once they’ve learned how much fun it is to create their own soda, you’ll find it much easier to get your children into cooking.

Even better, when you have the extended family over you’ll be able to serve them homemade gourmet soda and impress them with how crafty you and your children are in the kitchen—and they might even be persuaded to visit more often now that you can always be sure to have their favourite soda on hand.


Anybody who drinks a lot of soda can benefit from a SodaStream machine, but it’s a particularly good investment for a large family. You can improve your quality of life, reduce your impact on the environment, save money and bond with your children all in one fell swoop by purchasing a SodaStream machine.

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