5 Places to Find SodaStream Recipes Online

For most people it doesn’t take long to realize that they love their SodaStream more than they love the syrups it came with.

Many love it because they enjoy sparkling water or the occasional gin and tonic, but one of the greatest things about the SodaStream is that with a little creativity, it’s easy to make your own syrup and create entirely new flavours.

If you’re a little bit less adventurous but you want to discover new SodaStream recipes and stop using the syrups your machine came with, you’ll be happy to know other people have done most of the necessary exploring for you.

Here are a few places where you can find great SodaStream recipes:

1. The Homemade Soda Expert

This is actually an entire blog dedicated to homemade soda and there’s even a companion book available on Amazon. The blog’s author, Jeremy Butler, is allergic to sucralose and obsessed with healthy soda, so this is a particularly great spot for surprisingly delicious, healthy recipes.

2. 25 Soda Recipes & Syrup Instructions

This is one of the largest SodaStream recipe lists you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. Posted on a weight loss blog, this article focuses specifically on recipes that are even healthier than SodaStream syrups—and taste better.

3. The SodaStream Bar

This is a pretty short list of SodaStream recipes, but they’re quite original, healthy and delicious. For a special treat try the least recipe, nicely spiked so you’re sure to have a good night.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest has many uses but has definitely become one of the most popular places to share recipes on the web. Soda recipes are no exception. If there’s a great new soda recipe around, you bet someone will post it to Pinterest. Search for soda recipes on Pinterest, or follow us and we’ll make sure you never miss out!

5. Soda Sherpa

Discover a collection of amazing soda recipes right here on Soda Sherpa. We regularly scour the Internet for the latest and greatest SodaStream recipes.

When you purchase a SodaStream machine you open yourself to almost limitless flavour options. The best part is that even though there are over a hundred SodaStream recipes available through this list alone, these pages don’t contain every possible SodaStream flavour. If you do enough hunting, sooner or later you’re bound to come across something entirely new.

It’s time to get creative with your homemade soda. Once you start making your own syrups, you’ll never miss commercial soda again.

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