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Where to Get SodaStream Refills (And How to Save Money, Too!)

SodaStream CO2 canister

Depending on which SodaStream machine you have and which canister it came with, you can make somewhere between 60 and 110 litres of soda before the time comes to grab a refill. That’s the equivalent of 170 – 310 aluminium cans! Although SodaStream CO2 canisters can make a lot of soda before running, sadly, they  won’t last forever.

If you’ve already had your SodaStream for a while and you’re almost out of CO2—or you’ve managed to run out completely—it’s time to get a refill!

How Does the SodaStream Refill System Work

One of SodaStream’s guiding values is a strong commitment to the environment. SodaStream products are “Active Green”, which means that consumers actively reduce their carbon footprint every time they make soda. They do this mainly by eliminating unnecessary waste that comes from single use products. This means that both their carbonating bottles and CO2 canisters can be reused.

The SodaStream refill system used to be somewhat complex, requiring consumers to mail in their empty canisters to be refilled. Fortunately, this system is no longer in use. Empty carbonators can now be exchanged through local retailers such as Walmart. Just bring in your empty canister and trade it for a full one. You’ll only be charged for the CO2 inside.

It’s worthwhile to give SodaStream a call and ask whether your SodaStream model is compatible with the larger canisters. While even 60 litres is a fair amount of soda, the larger canisters can make more, save you more money, and don’t need to be exchanged as often.

Where To Get Backup Canisters

It’s easy enough to exchange canisters, but if you don’t want to go without soda until you have to time to run to the store, we recommend getting a backup canister. That way, you’ll always have one on the go while the other is being exchanged. Some SodaStream machines come with an extra CO2 canister but they can also often be purchased at the same retail locations that take exchanges.

If you can’t find a backup canister at your local retailer, the easiest—and cheapest—place to pick one up is on Amazon.

>>> Click here to order a 60-liter backup cylinder on Amazon <<<

Save Money With Paintball Canisters

If you really want to limit how often you need to refill your canister, and save a pile of money too, consider switching to paintball canisters for CO2. Paintball canisters tend to be a little bit bigger than SodaStream canisters and they also cost about half as much to refill—sometimes even less!

In order to use paintball canisters with your SodaStream you’ll need to purchase an adaptor that allows the paintball canisters to properly attach to your SodaStream machine. These can be ordered on Amazon and usually cost around $60. It’s worth the investment—they’ll save you hundreds in the long run. They’re also more environmentally-friendly since they don’t need to be driven back for a refill as often.

>>> Click here to order a 60-liter backup cylinder on Amazon <<<

To get your paintball canister refilled all you need to do is figure out where there’s a paintball range near you. There’s one in pretty much every town. If there isn’t one near you, check out your local sporting goods store. Most will be able to refill your CO2 tank.

If you’re a business or you like to throw parties with lots of soda, you might even want to buy a large bulk tank so you can refill your paintball canister at home. This isn’t really worth it for most people, unless you drink a lot of soda and have a lot of guests on a regular basis.

Finding a refill for your SodaStream machine isn’t hard once you know what to do. It doesn’t even have to be expensive if you switch to paintball tanks! No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that you’re saving hundreds of plastic bottles from the landfill every year.

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  • Jose Pinto

    I have purchased 2 of your machines, one in Ontario, Canada the other one in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, every time I need to do a tank exchange I get a song and dance from the people that suppose to be the authorized dealers, bottom line the way it is now I can not exchange the tank, only purchasing new tanks witch costs almost the price of the machine. Can you please let me know where I can exchange the tank for a reasonable price in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Thanks. JP

  • FX

    Does SodaStream have any retailers in Manila, Philippines?

  • Dixie Waters

    I like my Soda Stream device and would use it every day, if it were not so difficult to get the canister’s refilled. Walmart, where I purchased my Soda Stream, may carry the exchange canisters, but none of the associates know how to make the exchange. Target carries the canisters sometimes, but since the volume is so low they don’t routinely keep them in stock. Best Buy will sell me a spare canister, but will not exchange my empties. I live in Houston, TX, area code 77055. Got any suggestions?

    • Michael K Spry

      Go to Bed Bath and Beyond. They swap them all the time. Target, Walmart should also always knows how to do it…. <

    • Alex Zacarias

      Have you tried staples or bed bath and beyond? Both my local ones always have refills in stock.

    • Carol

      I go to Bed Bath & Beyond for refills. They’re always stocked, and we get $5 BB&B coupons in newspaper circulars that helps with the cost. Still a PIA, though. No argument there.

  • Marilyn Ransberry

    I need an exchange cylinder for our sodastream . We are near Lake Wales Florida. Where can we go to get a cylinder exchanged. Does the Target in Davenport do exchanges?

    • Michael K Spry

      Go to Bed Bath and Beyond. They swap them all the time. Target, Walmart should also always knows how to do it…. <

    • Keith

      Bed Bath & Beyond! Exchanges are either at the register or customer service, depending on the store. Be sure to use one of their coupons from their fliers.

  • Sheila Wallace

    I have used the Sodastream for years. Now it is practically impossible to find a retailer to get co2 refills. I used to use Walmart but they never have any refills anymore. This is a problem you need to fix. I am fed up with the hassle and will give up on your product and tell everyone not to bother. If a retailer carries your product you should be able to get refills there easily.

  • Sharon Weisman

    Why am I suddenly having a problem exchanging my canister at Staples? I am told each time that they are not getting the replacement canisters.

  • Hi, Julie! I’m glad that I stumbled upon your post because I’ve been wondering where I can refill the CO2 for my soda machine. I think it’s interesting that some people save money with paintball canisters. I’ve never done that, but I’ll be sure to look into it! Do you have a specific type that you use? Thanks for sharing these pointers with us! I’m new to this, so I’m glad I have someone like you to walk me through this process.

  • Ira Horowitz

    Where can I CO2 canister exchanged in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? We used to drive to Dallas once a year and do it at BBY.

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