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How a SodaStream Can Help Your Small Business

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A SodaStream is a great investment for families who loves soda. It’s an even better investment for the small business owner whose clientele loves soda.

Whether you run an office and want to give your employees access to sparkling water without paying a fortune to keep the fridge stocked or you run a small cafe, restaurant or bar, a SodaStream machine can completely revolutionize your business.

A SodaStream machine won’t allow you to stop buying commercial soda—it’s difficult to exactly replicate the taste and many customers will be fond of a specific soda—but it has many other benefits that can help your business flourish.

Sodastream for Bars

For the owner of a small bar, a SodaStream is a life saver. It’s worth noting that the original machine that the SodaStream company based their model on was created by Guy Hugh Gilbey—of W & A Gilbey Inc—in 1903. He originally created the machine to have something carbonated to go with the gin his family produced.

Purchasing a SodaStream means you’ll never run out of soda water again. You can create several bottles at a time if you have the means to store it, so you have soda water to last you through entire nights.

Having the SodaStream also opens you up to many fancy cocktails. With a steady stream of soda water around to throw in fruity summer cocktails, you can get creative and offer your guests a unique experience. You can either choose some summer favourites or create something all your own.

With a couple adaptations to make your SodaStream machine more cost efficient, you can save a fortune by producing most or all of your soda water this way. If you move to a bigger bar it might not be able to keep up with demand, but it’s a great investment for any small bar or pub.

Sodastream for Restaurants and Cafes

A SodaStream machine is a great investment for your small restaurant or cafe. You can bottle your own sparkling water and add it to the menu, or you can create your own gourmet soda flavors.

Gourmet soda is becoming more popular all the time. By preparing large amounts of syrup at once and using a SodaStream machine for your soda water you can save a fortune. Oh, and you’ll make a fortune with the number of people you attract once you find the perfect gourmet soda recipe. You can even throw taste testing parties when you come up with new flavors to give your house-made soda some extra hype.

Today we live in a culture where the things most people enjoy are actually bad for them—and everybody knows it. Provide your customers with a healthy alternative to their favourite soda and you’re sure to see a lot more of them.

A SodaStream also makes it easy for you to keep employees happy with regular access to soda water. And who knows, maybe your servers will havegreat idea for their own gourmet soda once they get a chance to experiment.

The possibilities a SodaStream machine gives your small business are virtually limitless. Whether you’re a coffee shop just looking to create the occasional gourmet soda or a high class restaurant that’s also interested in making fancy cocktails, the SodaStream is worth your time.


The SodaStream machine allows you to create sparkling water on a whim and opens you up to endless flavor options. It’s also a great opportunity for you to expand your business and attract new customers to your bar, restaurant or cafe.

Properly taken care of, your SodaStream investment will be helping you build a successful business for years to come. Who knows, someday your soda recipe might be famous—and it will be all thanks to your SodaStream and some creativity.

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