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What Can You Safely Put In Your SodaStream?

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Your new SodaStream machine is perhaps—in your opinion, at least—the best thing you’ve ever bought for your home. You’ve started making your own syrups and you’re enjoying them quite a bit. Slowly but surely everyone in your family has come around to the SodaStream, especially now that you’ve started experimenting with different flavours.

But what can you put in your SodaStream machine without risking damage to it—or to you? While the official FAQ says you can only put water in the new SodaStream models, some people have gone out to test that theory.

What You Need to Know

While there aren’t too many stories of people using the SodaStream to carbonate things other than water, it has been done. Often the results are messy but delicious.

If you’re thinking about using your SodaStream to carbonate something other than water, you need to remember one rule: the more sugary the drink you’re trying to carbonate is, the more likely it is to cause problems for your SodaStream machine.

The SodaStream machine is designed specifically for water, but it’s more important to remember what it’s not designed for. While nobody’s ever gotten seriously hurt because they misused a SodaStream machine, trying to carbonate the wrong thing can seriously damage your SodaStream machine.

Other than that, be careful and be prepared to clean up a big mess if you’re going to carbonate something other than water.

What Else Can the SodaStream Carbonate?

New uses for the SodaStream machine are being discovered all the time as it’s becoming more popular. These include new cocktails mixed with sparkling water, new flavours and occasionally putting entirely new things in the SodaStream machine to be carbonated.

One of the most interesting things you can do with a SodaStream machine is create your own champagne. Stick some of your favourite white wine in the machine and let it do its thing.

When you’re carbonating something other than water, it’s always a good idea to take it slowly at first. Be gentle with the machine and make sure you have towels on hand in case there’s any significant spillage.

The SodaStream machine has also been used to carbonate hard lemonade and a handful of other alcoholic beverages.

If you’re going to attempt carbonating juice, you’ll have to water it down significantly. Most pure fruit juices are too thick and have too much sugar in them to be properly carbonated by the SodaStream.

As long as you’re careful and water down anything too sugary, you can carbonate all kinds of things with your SodaStream. You just have to discover them for yourself.

The SodaStream is designed specifically to carbonate water, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. It does mean you have to be careful what you put in the SodaStream and make sure you’re prepared to clean up any mess.

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